Olavi Fellman

Political art against greed and climate catastrophe.

Visual artist, Art Philosopher, Painter, Environment Artist

The social graphic art of Olavi Fellman

Olavi Fellman experimented in ecological graphic art already 20 years ago. The present graphic art collection was born approx. in year 2009. Prompted by an ecological anxiety and feeling of shame over the exploits of humanity it burst out as a new production engraved mainly into wood and MDF board. These days he also uses hotglue as a technic for relief graphics.

Olavi Fellman was educated in different technics of graphic art by the artist Heta Norros in 1987-88 during his art college time. He held his first private exhibition already in 1992 in Galleria Pihla. Nowadays Olavi has had influences to his expressions from the german political art tradition. In Germany political art has long traditions and it is well appreciated. There Olavi has held his graphics on view in for example Hamburg (Galerie Barfuss), Lübeck (DeFacto Kunsttankstelle) and Neustadt (Holstein) in Hans Ralfs Haus Kunst und Kultur -art center as well as Umwelthaus -environment center. Today graphic art holds a central stage in Olavi’s visual art.

The basic themes in Olavi’s art are the human condition, climate change, the endangeredment of civilization as in the rights of future generations, of mother earth and of animals. The caricaturistic characters in his works are taken from art history and artistic themes, myths, philosophy, music, politics and politicians or from the animal kingdom. The quota of women is substantial.

Olavi studies the background of his characters in order to empathize with them and the different texts in his works are a mixture of the original character’s personal statements and Fellman’s own ecological message of world improvement. In these works echoes a scream for humanity, the climate, the nature and future generations. Olavi himself is the father of two children and a founder of for example PAND – Artists for peace -climate team and also active most Fridays in the Climate parents with Greta -movement.

Humour is also a part of Fellman’s works. He gives the voice of reason even to murderers and political antagonists. Also the dead are proving that humanity are loosing this game if things don’t change. Our historical challenge is heavy. The characters from myths and history are pleading for an ecological about turn. That both sense and sensibility can be combined. To say: No to climate change. No to fossil fuels. No to fear. No to hatred. Yes to toleration and democrazy. Yes to belief in life. Yes to a world wide community. Yes to a new ecologically sound era.

The World Elections - Choose Rationally

The World Elections will be held between those who defend life and environment and those who are destroying the climate and repressing life. Very often the rational truth is covered by different moneygames, powergames or artgames. The World Elections will make room for different candidates (my works) who understand climate, next generations and the circle of life comprehensively.

There is just one real alternative. The climate must be saved and mankind needs to come to its senses. We have to protect the animal kingdom and the people who are being suppressed. Education and culture must be cherished. The Worlds's leading agencies need to develop towards more democratic, open and transparent direction. Finance and powergames must be taxed and brought under democatic control. The money spent on warmongering and luxuries should be directed towards preventing the climate catastrophe and to help us adapt more ecological and responsible way of living. Greed needs to be brought under mankinds control - Selfishness replaced with education, cowardice with encouragement.

Those are the themes in My Art. Thanks to those who have already performed eco-friendly actions. Now it's time to take part in The World Elections: They are being held every day!